Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday, Sunday...

Gosh, the time just flies when I don't have to update weekly. Once the new swap starts, I'll be blogging in character, but I'll still be updating this blog too.

I'm so excited, I get to be a prefect this term!!! It'll be more work, but the swap is so fun it'll be worth it.

This past week I didn't do a ton of knitting. I need to go up to the knit shop to try to fix my Juliet top. I was going pretty good on it, but I left it sitting on the couch and Ethan crawled up here. Some of the stitches came off and I can't figure out where to put my stitch marker for the KFB increases. So, that's on a hiatus until I get up to the shop. I crocheted another soaker for Ethan. I got the correct gauge and it's still too big. This is my 3rd time ripping this out, so I'm done. Soakers just hate me. I still need to finish up my gift longies. I also need to weave in ends and block my lace shawl. I love the shawl. When I get my Malabrigo lace in, I'm going to make another, but using 2 skeins to make it bigger. I've also started on some toe up sock, but haven't got very far yet.

Here is some finished spinning. It's superwash Merino by Sugarbeestudios.

I also have an on-the-bobbin picture of my hand carded Targhee fleece from Whimzypinzy. I love the colors. I ordered and received some Targhee top in this colorway from Whimzypinzy too. She is awesome to work with and did a great dye job! I just bought some Border Leicester locks from her as well. I would definitely recommend her shop!

Here is my new Little Gem. It's really an awesome wheel, though it's been different getting used to the different tension. She came with some Fleece Artist BFL. I love BFL, but it was a pain to work with. I'm glad I didn't buy it.

And here is some top that I dyed with food coloring. I'm in the process of buying some acid dyes so I can get better colors. I'm just not getting the colors I want with food dyes, Koolaid, etc.

There may be a coop in the future on DSD for BFL. They have locks/curls and I'm pretty excited about it! Also on DSD, I recently particpated in a bead coop to make some stitch markers.

Yesterday I did a lot of sewing. I am making some gift diapers and I'm doing a trade. I'll be doing more sewing again today. I'll have pics of the sewing in the next blog update. I did finish a pair of Stellar Transitions for E. They are so cute and fit so well! I have another pair to finish up today. I'll try to knock out a few more pairs this week. E has been taking off his diapers lately to pee in the potty, though he's going in his diapers as well.

I really need to finish up all these items that just need ends weaved and a kitchener stitch. My goal is to get all that done before I get started on anything else.

Well, I guess that's it for today. I'll have some sewing pictures for the next update. And some on-the-bobbin of my custom dyed Targhee. I looks lovely!

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