Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Swap is Over

And I'm back to irregular postings. Not to worry because another swap will begin shortly.

I went to a spin-in at my LYS, Knitwitz, 2 Saturdays ago (the 29th). It was great fun and I spun up all of my Spunky Club Mud Season. It looks awesome and I think I'm going to use it for socks. It is Merino and I kept it as singles.

I don't have an on-the-bobbin picture, but I'll try to get one tomorrow. I am currently spinning some Targhee locks/wool that I've been handcarding. They are in the Valley of Grapes colorway by Whimzy Pinzy Creations on Etsy. The colors are spinning up wonderfully. I am going to be ordering some top in this colorway as well, I'd like to get a smoother yarn to make a shawl with.

Here is my finished Lucy bag. I am really very happy with it and am looking forward to making one for myself.

I've decided I will join the next HSKS swap. I wasn't sure, since making this bag was a total time suck, but I'm going to sew the bag this time around. I just have a lot of knitting projects to do and don't want to be held to a timeline for another knit bag. But sewing one is doable and the swap is lots of fun.

Here are my 2 FC diapers finished up. One is already at it's new home, the other is waiting for me to finish a drawstring on a pair of shorties. They both came out good and I am happy with them.

Here's my first skein of Alpaca. I finished spinning up the rest and will have pictures of that skein next, though I must admit they look pretty similar. :) The Alpaca was pretty easy to spin and it's super soft. It is also very hairy, which is kind of a PIA. I left this as singles and I'm thinking shawl, eventually.

So, on Ravelry, we're starting a Queue challenge. It's all local people and I think it'll be fun. We all listed projects we're hoping to finish this year and we'll get points for those that we do. I have just recently purchased quite a bit of yarn for a couple of bigger projects and am scared and excited to knit them. I'm actually going to do a gauge swatch too! lol First I need to finish up a couple of smaller projects I am currently working on and then I'm going to swatch for my Juliet. I'm using Cascade Bulky Leisure in a nice, deep green color. It's a cotton/alpaca blend, nice! At the same time, I'm thinking of casting on for my Mini Boob Holder. I'd like to get one done and get a good feel for it b/c I want to make another one with Mrs. Weasley sleeves for the Harry Potter movie later this year.

My Little Gem is being made and will hopefully be arriving here in the somewhat near future. I'm looking forward to it and am hoping to be able to get a lace weight single with it.

On a personal note, I have been feeling so crappy lately. Just really unhappy with my life type of crappy. I am just tired of feeling responsible for 2 other people besides myself, it's wearing me down and I just feel like I'm losing touch with me. I guess a lot of it has to do with having a very demanding 2.5 year old. Ryan is pretty needy too. I feel all I do is give, give, give of myself. Maybe I don't even give that much, but I'm a loner and a selfish type of person, so the amount of giving I'm doing seems to be a lot. Sometimes I just want to run away and be somewhere by myself. For a few weeks. Even a weekend would be nice. To sleep in, to not have to worry about cleaning/dressing/laundry for anyone but myself, to not have to feed anyone but myself, to do nothing all day long if I wanted to. I need a vacation from my life.


Bridget Willowmane said...

Although you have posted here that you received your package, would you please post to the HSKS4 blog too. The Headmistress has me down as not sending you your package. I forwarded your e-mail to me but she did not get it I guess. Thanks,

Bridget Willowmane = potter name, Slytherin

Bev Love

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