Friday, March 28, 2008

Hectic Week

That's what this week has been. Ryan was out-of-town for a few days and E was crazy! I have a hard time sleeping when Ryan isn't here, so I was up till 2:30 a couple of nights. I've been very tired and am still a bit tired today. I was so tired, I took 2 naps this week with E and didn't spin. That's tired! lol

No on the bobbin pics. I don't know why I didn't take one while I was taking other pictures. I'm currently spinning some grey alpaca. Very nice. I think it's going to be a shawl. I'm wanting to spin some merino for the spin-along on Ravelry, but I was wanting to wait until my Little Gem got here for that.

Here are some of my FO's this week for spinning:

This is my Lavender Sachet from Loop. Spun up as singles. I see a hat here. This was so much fun to spin up, the locks in it were very soft. I loved it!

This is Black Magic from Loop. I am happy with the final product, but this was not as much fun to spin. I now know what Sari Silk is and I do not like it. I think it's the stringy stuff. But, I do like the finished product and I'm thinking a funky scarf.

This is part of the Schwag Bag from BarbeStJohn. It's interesting to spin up and makes an interesting yarn. Once I finish the bag, I'm thinking a funky scarf.

This last one is roving and locks that I dyed. You may remember I blogged about it a couple of weeks or so ago. I still have more to finish up, but I wanted to see how it was going to come out. Pretty cool, IMO. I'm thinking hat when I'm done.

Just artsy yarns to show off this week. I did finish the yarn for my swap partner, but no pic just yet. I also finished the trim for the gift I am currently knitting. It came out nicely.

I finished the Lucy bag for my swap partner!! Yay!!! It's just about dry, then I will embellish it a bit. It's so much nicer felted then it was unfelted. I am really very happy about how it came out.

My crochet shawl is almost done. It's been fun to work on and I am happy with it.

And, I still need to get sewing done. I will try to get to it next week. I know, I keep saying that. It's not giving up if you keep trying!! :)

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