Monday, March 3, 2008

He peed in the potty!

So, E has been showing interest in the potty for quite a while. He loves to flush, play with the TP and sit on the toilet. A few months ago, we bought a potty seat to go on the regular sized toilet. He likes to sit on that too and he has peed on it a couple of times. But I figured for me serious potty learning, we would need a little potty to sit out here in the living room and give him some naked time. We bought the potty yesterday and this morning I gave him some naked time. I told him if he has to pee, to go on the potty. So, he was running around and playing. Next thing I know, he's on the potty. And he peed in it! We had a big celebration. He's currently in a diaper and napping, but I'm going to try again after nap time. We're not in any big hurry to PL, so if he catches on great, if not, no biggie either. I was so proud though that he came and sat on the potty by himself when he had to go. He just keeps getting smarter and learning more everyday it seems.

This is actually not going to be my weekly blog post, I just had to post though.

Today I am dying wool. I dyed some locks 4 different colors. I dyed up some purple wool top for my swap partner. And I'm dying up some more wool top for myself. I'm using Wilton's food dye. And unfortunately, I am out of gloves, so my hands are a lovely color. : )

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