Friday, January 18, 2008

Cleaning is so much fun!

Well, today it was more fun than transcription. I've been cleaning for most of the day now, getting ready for my mom's arrival tonight. Basically, I was doing a super job on the bathrooms. It really was not that much fun. I still have to vacuum, but not while E's sleeping! I still have to do Ryan's tub/shower, but first I have to finish up with the raw wool I'm cleaning. And this is probably the last unclean, raw wool I'm going to buy for a while. I know, I said that before, which is why this time I said *probably*. I was looking at the two large bags of clean wool in my closet today and thinking I don't really need any more. I should have enough to keep me busy and spinning for a while. But the raw wool is so nice. This stuff is a Border Leicester cross. It came pretty clean and I love the crimp. I also have some raw, dark brown Romney coming, but it is already clean. It was kind of pricey, but it's so nice. The lady I bought the handcarders from included a sample in with my package and I love it!

So, now that I'm in the HSKS4, I have to be updating my blog every week. So here I am. I have not been getting into all the games, so I need to get cracking on that. I think I mentioned in my last post that I had bought the little circles to make my stitch markers with. I plan on getting the needles for my partner next month. Yarn wise, I haven't started shopping yet. I am pretty sure about which bag I am going to do though, I just have to buy the pattern. Depending on how soon my wheel gets here, I may spin the yarn for the bag. How awesome would that be! I think it would be awesome because I'm into that. :)

Well, let me tell you, school is sucking so far this semester. The transcription is really frustrating me. I just can't understand some of it and it's driving me batty. I slow it down, turn it up, turn it down, sound it out, I'm just not getting it. I didn't leave any blank spots on any of my reports from last semester. This semester I am leaving quite a few. If this is what real doctor transcription is like, I just can't see myself enjoying this work. At this point, I'm not sure if I should even continue on to next semester. I am thinking of possibly transferring my credits into a different program. I need to discuss it some with Ryan and, depending on our decision, discuss it with the school. I am too far into this semester to drop classes now.

So, that's pretty much all that's going on with me right now. I'm excited my mom is coming to visit. She'll be here tonight. I'm loving spinning, even with my spindles. I think I'm finally getting a bit better. This Florida Native sheep wool I have, blended with some raw alpaca, is lovely to spin. I love how it's turning out. I need to card up some more because I've used up all that I have. I am also spinning some Romney roving and Corriedale top. Am I weird because I prefer the shorter staple wool so far? The BFL, Romney, and Corriedale are all harder for me to draft with. Except the Romney that I carded. They are lovely to spin, but the longer fibers make it harder for me. I was trying to spin the Corrie from the fold yesterday and that made it much easier and my yarn was looking nicer, but I am having problems trying to coordinate with that. I really hope it all comes together better for me when I have my wheel and don't have to concentrate on the spindle. And then I am hoping that using a wheel will improve my spindle skills. :)

Ok, that really is it now. :)


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I just wanted to offer you some encouragement...I was a transcriptionist for a while and you WILL get use to the doctors, especially if you end up typing for the same 1 or 2 docs all the time. I found that the course was harder than real life (for the most part)...that is to prepare you for the worst :) I no longer do transcription myself, due to tendinitis in both wrists :( Instead, I'm becoming a fiber artist! Feel free to email if you like.