Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just rambling

I figured I should update this. Since I'm doing the swap, I need to update on a regular basis so my swap partner knows I am alive and well. :)

Let me tell you what I think of this semester so far. I think it's going to stink. There is twice as much transcription and I am not liking it. I know, it's a transcription course, but still. I am not planning on doing this full time, so I don't need tons of transcription practice, right? After my first week of the 2nd semester, I am seriously considering if I even want to do this part time. I do want to finish and get my certificate though. I have to do transcription today. And everyday this week too. I don't want to have any for next weekend. My mom is flying in on Friday. Ryan is taking that week off too and I am going to be hurting, trying to get school work done.

So, I decided to go ahead and buy some wool hand carders. I was just going to use my dog brushes, but I have so much raw wool and those dog brushes are small! lol I've been using them, blending some raw alpaca with my Florida Native raw wool, very nice. I've spun some of it up on my spindle. It's fun. I have a large black trash bag full of the Florida Native. I have a white trash bag full of a grab bag mix of wool. I also have some raw Mohair locks, but I am planning on using them for doll hair. I have 4 lbs of Border Leicaster cross on it's way to me too. I have a slight obsession with raw wool. I'm not sure why. It's just fun. And a lot of work. After skirting and cleaning all that Florida Native, I said I was not going to do any more raw wool until I was able to get more FN in April. But I went ahead and got the BL too. I also have a fair amount of undyed roving I have been buying and hoarding, preparing for my wheel.

I am so excited to be getting my wheel. I will be ordering the Fidelis from Heavenly Handspinning. Her husband is finishing up their higher speed bobbins, so I'm waiting for them and the wait is so hard! :) I just got a Niddy Noddy and a WPI tool from Ma and Pa Spindles on eBay. The niddy noddy is just a yard size one. I think I'm going to get their bigger one too. Their stuff is very nice and well made. I have a spindle from them too.

I am finally getting those felted slippers for Samantha done. They work up pretty quick, but are a big pain. Still, they look nice when done. Well, they're not felted yet, but the unfelted slipper looks nice. I bought the Boye interchangeable needle set at Joann's the other day. I originally wanted the Knit Picks Harmony needles, but changed my mind. I had a 40% off coupon for Joann's and the Boye actually comes with more needles sizes and cable lengths. I like them and they are working good. I do want to get the Harmony DPNs set though. I'm not into the little needles, so I think I'll get the 4-11's. Those needles are so pretty, I've got to have some eventually!

I've been doing some cleaning here and there, getting ready for mom's visit. I'll be finishing up that this week. All that's really left are the bathrooms. I guess that's my least favorite, so that's why it's always what is left.

It's a nice, overcast rainy day here. I love these type of days. I love the rain. I really missed it while we were in CA.

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