Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My poor toe!

Ouch, I hurt my toe good tonight. And it hurts. And it looks very yucky. Did I mention it hurts? I was moving the chair as I was sitting in it, got my foot under it and then sat in it with my toe under it. Ouch. It's a dining room table chair and the feet bottom are metal with no coverings. Ouch. It didn't really bleed, which is surprising for how much skin was taken off. So, I must be more careful at the dining room table.

My mom is here visiting this week. She got here last Friday. We have been go-go-go ever since. It's been fun though. Just busy.

So, school is not going too well. I've pretty well decided to go ahead and withdraw from classes. I talked it over with Ryan. He thinks I should just try to struggle through. I think that has to do with getting the next student loan check though. Or at least that has something to do with it. He told me I am just not cut out for college. It's probably about time for me to realize that, accept it, and learn to live with it. It's not a bad thing and that's what I would tell anyone else thinking they needed some type of degree or certificate to prove themselves. I have found that my household duties and trying to keep a healthy kitchen have fallen to the wayside since I've been so busy with school. I don't like that either. I don't *need* to work, I just thought the extra money would be nice.

Getting in touch with my swap spoilee has not been going well. I didn't realize that we were supposed to get in touch with them. I have emailed her a few times and it keeps getting returned. My swap spoilee sent me a very nice questionnaire, which I was sending to my spoilee.
Oh well. I can still do the swap just fine without it. When my mom leaves, I'll be getting started on my stuff.

I still need to finish up the slippers for my mom, then tuck all the ends in for them and the slippers for my sister and get them felted. I've got some spinning done on my spindle the past few days, I try to get about 10 min every day. I am spinning my border leicester cross right now. I think I need more instruction on hand carders. My stuff is not getting brushed enough, I don't think. My wheel has been shipped today!!! How exciting! I ordered this wheel:

Along with both her drop spindles. Jan has been great to work with. I'm pretty excited about getting my wheel. And I am glad I choose this one. The price is great. Seriously, especially for someone just starting out. I was looking at a $700 wheel. But I just couldn't see spending that much. After Ryan changed his mind about having to buy a solid wheel, I started looking at Babe's. Then Lendrums. Then Frickes. Then Ashfords. Then Fidelis. I like that Fidelis is made here in the USA. I also like that it is handmade. I love handmade stuff. Ok, I know most of the other wheels are also handmade. Perhaps I should say homemade. I also like it because it is unique and kind of funky. I really feel that it will fit in in my household. It's small and lightweight, so I can take it with me places. It's just all over cool. :) I'm really hoping Jan and her husband will eventually grow a little more and offer other accessories and, possibly, a Saxony type wheel. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, since I don't even have the wheel yet, but that's the way my thoughts are running. I've only seen good reviews for the wheel (and their drop spindles).

So, I really want to get some sewing done in the near future. I miss it. I want to make myself an apron. I have the pattern and the material. I need to make E some potty training pants. I need to make my mom some pillows before she leaves. That was supposed to be last years Christmas gift!!

So, it is looking like I'll have some tax $ after all. I thought I had used all mine getting all the seasons of X Files. But Ryan said I could have a little more. So, I'll be getting Harmony DPN's in the 4-11 size (plus needles for my spoilee) and a bigger niddy noddy. This one I have is 1 yard and the skeins are very small.

We have been eating out quite a bit since my mom got here. I think I have only cooked once!!! I will definitely be cooking Fri, Sat, and Monday. Tomorrow night is Buffalo Wild Wings and Sunday night will be our date night. Which will also be Buffalo Wild Wings, except we will eat there and get to play trivia! Yippee! :)

After my mom leaves and this next pay period begins, we have to get back to healthy eating. It has not been very healthy these past couple of months. I am ready to incorporate fruits and veggies back into our meals in a major way. I keep thinking I should follow this plan, or that one, but I know I am just setting myself up for failure that way.

Ryan and I are considering starting to train for a 15K next year. I am not a big fan of running, so this would be quite the challenge. We'll see. I need to start getting myself to the gym on a regular basis either way. Since I decided to not do weights right now, I'm thinking at least 4 days of aerobic activity should be done. Plus, E likes the playcenter.

All right, my battery is going to be going soon, since I am not plugged in.

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