Friday, February 22, 2008

Behind on my blogging....

And no pictures this week, sorry. I need to get something up for the swap. :)

Currently on the bobbin is my bamboo batt from Loop. Lovely, lovely. I think I may finish it up this weekend. I'm spinning it pretty thin and am hoping it will hold up while plying.

On the needles is the Lucy Bag for the HSKS swap. This was so frustrating to get started! I ended up using my bamboo needles after all. You cast on 8 stitches to start, 2 on each needle. It took many tries before I could get going on it. But now it's going nicely and I'm hoping to have it finished by next weekend. I've been taking it with me to knit here and there in the car.

I went to the knit-in tonight, it was great. Had a lot of fun and bought some very pretty batts to spin up. They're a silk/Merino blend. Tomorrow I am going back to the shop to try out the Little Gem. I am loving Fidelis, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get the fine yarn I'm now wanting to do in order to get a plied worsted or sport weight. I'm going to bring Fidelis with me to show off. Maybe I'll get some spinning done while I'm there.

So, I listed my embroidery machine and coverstitch/serger machine on eBay. The embroidery machine already has a bid. I honestly feel kind of bad selling them. Because I start thinking, what if I want to use them down the road. But I've been saying that about the embroidery machine for a year or so now. And I've had the coverstitch machine for 9 months without ever using it once. Two impulse buys.

My spoiler sent me a gift this week. A Gryffindor frame. It has Harry, Hermione, and Ron on it. Very cool and a great surprise! Thank you swap spoiler!!

I finally withdrew from my classes today. Fortunately I made it within the deadline to get a W instead of a F.

I made chili for dinner tonight and it was very good. I tried a different recipe for the slow cooker and it called for 12 oz of beer. I personally prefer my chili sweet, so I added some brown sugar to my bowl, but Ryan likes his not sweet and liked it a lot as is. It'll make great leftovers tomorrow. I'm thinking nachos. Yum!!

I think that's it for this week. I promise to have pictures next week. I have 2 completed yarns that need to be photographed, plus the Loop batt will be done too.

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