Friday, February 15, 2008

No spiffy title today!

Sometimes titles just don't come to me. I don't have any theme for today, so no title. Thank goodness this week was better than last week. E is supposed to be in bed sleeping, but I hear him playing in his room. Oh, now he's at the gate, sitting so I think he thinks I cannot see him. Hmm...

Here is some of what I've finished up this past week.

BFL top dyed by Selah in their Thoughtful colorway; navajo plied.

Corriedale/Romney batts; natural color; navajo plied.

Romney in natural brown; singles.

Nothing currently on the bobbin, as I finished up plying the Corriedale/Romney last night. I am planning on starting my Rocky Road batt today.

On the needles, the same Calorimetry from last week! I finished it, it was way to wide. So, I frogged the whole thing and started over. I haven't been giving it a whole lot of attention, which is why it's not finished yet. I did buy a button for it from Knitwitz though. I'm going to bring it with me to the knit in tonight. Something easy and relaxing to work on. This weekend I am definitely casting on for my HSKS bag. I couldn't find my size 10.5 needles, so ordered some Harmony ones from Knitpicks. Yesterday I found my 10.5 needles, but want to wait to use the Harmony ones. :) I also volunteered to make an 8x8 square and need to buy the yarn for that soon.

This morning I cut and pinned 2 diapers and soakers. I'm making 2 Fattycakes fitted pockets. This weekend may be a sewing weekend. I need to get the pillows done for my mom too. I finally got the coverstitch machine threaded the other day. I probably will not be selling my serger. That coverstitch machine is a PIA to thread and I do not want to mess around with trying to thread the serger part and switching back and forth. I am so glad I finally got it threaded correctly though.

Well, I really think that's it for today, nothing exciting. Maybe I'll have more to post next week. :)

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