Saturday, September 1, 2007

Here it is!

This blog is for me to share my journey to embracing not only a healthy lifestyle, but also domestic life as a housewife.

I have not worked in over 2 years and yet am just now starting to get into and enjoy being a SAHM. I think it's the change in scenery. This apartment is so much larger than our last, much more open. I think that maybe that has helped me be happier. I've been so much happier here than I have been in a long time. Anyways, I have cooked dinner most of the time and kept the house somewhat clean, but I have never embraced being a housewife.

The biggest part I have embraced lies in the kitchen. This ties in with a healthier lifestyle. It is quite a challenge to change to healthy eating and living. I am doing so-so so far with plans to improve. I am now making all of our bread. I am making homemade granola, granola bars, oatmeal bars and muffins. Who knew it could all taste so good? Whole wheat pizza crust, yummy! Plus, lots of fruits. We are eating a lot of fresh fruits. And some veggies, though that is something we're working on.

I am trying to make most of our meals with simpler ingredients. Whole grains, lean protein, fruits and veggies. It works very well on most days. We still have our off days. It is so hard to make the change. Junk food is so much easier, quicker and is tasty as well. But, it's just not any good for you!

Exercise is another thing I am working on. This past month my exercise consisted of only walking the dog. Which is better than my previous exercise of nothing. This coming month I want to include a DVD in my routine. Specifically my YBB and Pilates tapes/DVD's. My goal is 3 days a week, plus daily dog walking. I eventually want to work in 2 days of weights, but don't want to overwhelm myself too soon.

Also in my goals for this next month is to set up a cleaning schedule. I keep the kitchen pretty clean. However, the rest of the house lacks. I am not a super neat freak, so my goals reflect that. Basically, they are vacuum/sweep once a week, clean bathrooms once a month. I already do laundry, pick-up, garbage, dishes... stuff like that daily or as needed. I am horrible at bathrooms and vacuuming/sweeping.

My other personal goals for this month are taking E to the beach or pool at least once a week, get some sewing time in (after the room is finally set up) and some knitting/crocheting in too. My hobbies have been slacking since the move and I want to get back into them.

So, stayed tuned for my struggles, hints and tips.

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