Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekends with Hubby are not good!

Not for eating anyways. We just suck each other in. Especially since we just got paid. Sunday and Monday were only mildy better than my horrible Saturday. I just don't understand why it is so hard to say NO to going out. We could actually still eat out, but make healthier choices. Both places we ate had healthy choices. But no, we both went for the fattening stuff we usually go for. I hate having to keep getting back on the wagon. I really want to just get on it and stay on! It really is an uphill battle. It's so easy to get on a slippery slope. I can cook yummy, tasty and healthy food at home, why do I like going out so much? I know there's no point in dwelling on the wrong. I can only move forward, knowing this week will be better and taking one day at a time.

I did use my bread machine twice over the weekend. I made very good WW bread. It is really good! I also made French Bread (and I added some WW flour to it too). It's also very good. We haven't used it yet, as we ended up eating out instead of making spaghetti, but we'll be using it tonight. It's enough to make some garlic bread for tonight and freeze the rest for the soups we'll be having. If you have never checked out the Hillybilly Housewife site (www.hillbillyhousewife.com), I suggest you do. I love her bread recipes over the 2 bread machine books I have. The recipes in the books many extra ingredients. Her's are very basic and good. I will be cooking up her rolls today. I'll be using them for Sloppy Joes tomorrow, plus for Ryan's breakfast sandwiches and hot dog rolls. Oh, I've also used her pizza dough recipe. I substituted some WW flour too and it came out very good.

I just finished up my meal planning for this pay period. I will be using a few Hillbilly Housewife recipes. Two soups, two chicken and her faux chicken cutlets. I am hoping these come out better than the last time I tried to make seitan. I think they will. Another soup from the Vegan Lunch Box and a chicken dish from Cooking Light. I'll also be doing a rotisserie chicken. Lunches will be mostly leftovers for me. Sandwiches, wraps & leftovers for Ryan too. I will be making some WW tortillas from the HHW as well.

Treats will be more granola from HHW and brownies from the Vegan Lunch Box. We have been loving homemade granola and granola bars here! I will also be making some oatmeal bars from the Laptop Lunches book. I also plan on trying my hand at making some vegan goldfish crackers for E. I want to get away from purchasing animal crackers, Teddy Grahams and Goldfish. I do like animal crackers b/c they are low in calories and sugar, but I wish they were made with WW flour.

This past weekend we finally finished getting E's room set up. It looks great! Now I have to start thinking of how I'm going to decorate his walls. The sewing room is getting there. There's so much stuff to put away, donate and sell. I think I'll be able to finish at least getting everything put away today. I have a few things I'm going to be selling over the next few days as well. I am trying to simplify my fabric and stuff. I've actually been able to give away or sell quite a bit so far.

I cannot wait until this whole apartment is unpacked and done. We have about 7 big boxes of stuff to be picked up by the thrift store and we haven't even done our room yet! They are all sitting in our living room, along with my most recent sewing machine purchase. I don't know where I'll be putting that at in the sewing room yet. There would be plenty of room, except the sewing room also shares space with an elliptical machine, weight bench and sit-up bench. Oh well, I will figure something out.

On a non-domestic note, I really do love this apartment and the complex. There are so many trees. Lots of squirrels, birds (I've seen a woodpecker and a cardinal so far), ducks (I know they're birds too), turtles and dogs. Although we're not on the lake, we're right next to it and we have a lake view from our dining room and the sewing room. I set up my sewing table so I'll be looking at the lake as I'm sewing. The way these apartments are situated is really nice too. There are 2 windows in every room, except the kitchen and the bathrooms. But the kitchen is right next to the dining room and I can easily look out the window as I'm cooking/cleaning. Plus, we're right next to the pool. As soon as everything is set up, I will be taking pictures.

Well, I am going to go have a late breakfast. Than E will go down for his nap, Arty (the dog) will be walked and I have to go grocery shopping. Woot!

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