Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is it bad...

When you're lazy about posting in your blog? I am on the computer enough during the day, you would think I could take 10 minutes and post. One of the reasons I have not been posting is eating has been bad. I guess I should not say bad. Eating has been fairly unhealthy. This was not the month I had planned on it being. Although I already knew it, it has now been reinforced. If there are M&M's, Doritos and ice cream in the house, I will eat them. And not in moderation. If they are not here, I may THINK about eating them, but I will not be eating them. And after the urge passes, I will be glad I did not eat them.

I have not done a whole lot in the way of cooking either. Oh, I've been making dinner, but nothing fancy. I have not even finished the crackers yet. And I also want to make some granola for E.

I hope to get out of this funk shortly. I miss posting about my escapades in the kitchen. Oh, I did make a loaf of WW Potato bread the other day. I've been using it this week, mainly for Ryan's lunch. E does not like it. If I put peanut butter on it, he eats off the part with PB. If I give it to him plain, he (the ultimate insult!) puts it in the dogs bowl! The dog ate it all just fine though. I made it on the rapid cycle, so I don't think it tastes as well.

Ryan and I will be venturing into new eating grounds this next week. Well, Ryan has done low carb in the past for short periods of time. I will be doing moderated carbs. I have read a couple of books. The plan seems doable and makes sense. If it will help me curb my cravings and lose weight, I am ready to give it a try. We won't be getting a lot of fruits, but there will be plenty of veggies. I already have 3 cookbooks, with about 3 or 4 more on the way. Oh, plus I'll be ordering one more for the slow cooker in a couple of days. I didn't really go that overboard though, as most of the books came from The recipes in the books look very good. My one book even has bread recipes. For the bread machine! I am pretty excited about that. It seems that nut flours (I can make myself) and other non-flour whole grains are used in moderation. I really think the plan is livable and healthy.

I have to mention my newest addiction:

This site is awesome! You post up books you don't want, members request them, you get points once the member gets them and then you request books. Right now, if you put up 9 books to start, you get 3 free credits to use right away. This policy will be changing a little soon, but it's still a good deal. Out of the 9 I put up a week or so ago, 7 have already been requested. I really love books and will be putting more up soon.

Last week, I did not get the floors vacuumed or the bathrooms cleaned. This Thursday for sure. Gee, is that tomorrow already? Upkeep cleaning has been going on a regular basis.

Exercise has been pretty non-existent. Ryan and I were talking about this the other day. He says my desire (and his) to not exercise is stronger than our desire to exercise and that's why neither of us are exercising, though we talk about it a lot. I need to quit making excuses and make exercise important to me. He is right, if it was very important to me, I would make it happen.

Classes started this week. This week is basically just orientation type stuff. All my books came last Friday and they are a bit intimidating. All this medical terminology. It's also very interesting and I'm excited to be learning it.


Stephanie said...

I am LOL at Ethan putting your bread in the dog dish!

Kathy said...

It was pretty funny. :)