Thursday, September 20, 2007

A relaxing sort of day.

So far anyways. I am so tired, I don't want to do anything. I think I will put off vacuuming and bathrooms until tomorrow.

The Honey Glazed Chicken, from HHW, was a success last night. It was good and if I make it again, I will cut back on the ketchup for the marinade. I put too much salt on the brussel sprouts, but they were still good.

Seeing as I am so tired this morning, I didn't really feel like cooking breakfast. So, I had leftover black bean soup with a slice of leftover French Toast. E had leftover French toast and strawberries. He had also already had cheese and grapes in his Snack Trap while we were taking Ryan to work.

Instead of making goldfish crackers yesterday, I made up some pizza dough and cut it into cracker shape. I used the Japanese cookie cutters Stephanie sent me. I did a whole tray full, plus about 4 thin pretzels and I still have a ton of dough left. They are very plain tasting, but E likes them and Ryan does too. Ryan tried some yesterday with some soft cheese, so I sent some in his lunch today.

I must say I am really liking the Laptop Lunchbox. It makes lunch making so much easier. I originally bought two so I could have one, but we never go anywhere, so I never use mine for myself. Usually in the morning Ryan empties out his backpack and puts his lunchbox on the counter to be cleaned. Since we have two, I just use the clean one in the AM and then wash the dirty one with the breakfast dishes. It works out great. When we were using just the sandwich packs, I had to wash them every morning, it was a pain. Today I will have to wash both the lunchboxes b/c Ryan left his backpack at work. Oh well.

We are having Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. On Thursdays they have 40 cent boneless wings. I am going to make "fries" at home. Just red potatoes cut up, tossed with olive oil, oregano and salt. Tasty, a bit healthier for you and cheaper than BWW fries. :)

Today I may make more crackers. It all depends on if I take a nap while E is napping, which I am seriously considering.

I forgot to mention yesterday that over the weekend I did get all the pieces cut out for the Madison bag. It is pretty much ready to sew. I am almost done with my most recent crochet project. Which is good b/c I have stuff to start working on for a swap and a trade. Fortunately it is all the same stuff and it's easy and fun to make.

Well, that's about it for today, nothing exciting.

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