Thursday, September 6, 2007

I finally get to sit down!

It's been a busy day so far. I managed to stay off the computer until about 10 or so. Then I spent about a half hour here while E had a snack and watched "trains" (Thomas). :)

Today started with getting up. :) Then fixing dh's breakfast and lunch. Get E and I ready to go, walk the dog, take dh to work. Get home, fix our breakfast (I normally cook us eggs), eat, clean dishes by hand. Then I swept the kitchen, picked up the apt and vacuumed, including E's room, since it is now clean and set up. Oh, I also stripped the sheets of our bed and started laundry during this. I gave E a bath. Took a break. Folded diapers, started rice steamer for lunch, put E down for nap, did some more laundry. While rice was cooking, started pizza dough in bread machine. It is going to be pretzels and bread sticks. The rice finished, I made sushi inari, from the Vegan Lunch Box. I used the rest of the rice to make 3 small rice molds for E and one larger one for me. Also steamed broccoli and carrots. Ate lunch. Cleaned dishes. Oh, my big cleaning today is cleaning the garbage can. I have never cleaned the inside of this garbage can. It's not usually something that's important to me, but for some reason I decided to do it today. I didn't scrub the inside, but I used the diaper sprayer and citrus spray to get it fairly clean. I also cleaned the outside and the lid. Woot! :)

Now I'm taking another break while E's sleeping. Still left for today is taking pictures of FS stuff, making oatmeal bars, get package mailed, shower and prepping for dinner.

We ate out again last night, but it wasn't too bad. I ate pretty lightly during the day yesterday. We had Chili's to-go. I had their Buffalo Chicken Salad. It's my favorite Chili's dish. I shared with E and only used a very small amount of dressing. I almost opted for the ribs, so I'm proud I went with the salad.

I used out Laptop Lunchbox for Ryan today. Although I've used parts of it since we got them, this was the first time using it as a whole. I took a pic and will be posting it later. I also took a pic of my sushi inari lunch.

I was really down on Weight Watchers yesterday. I want to clarify that though I do disagree with some of their program, it is a good program, especially if you have no clue of how to eat healthy or keep track of what you're eating. The WW program will make you more conscientious of how and what you're eating, which is a good thing.

Tomorrow I plan on making the vegan goldfish crackers. Tonight for dinner is spaghetti (whole wheat pasta) with store bought sauce (my last jar) that I will be adding to with squash, kale, garlic and onions. Plus some soy crumbles and home made french bread, that I will be making garlic bread with. Yum!

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Stephanie said...

wow! I am impressed. Yay, you! I'm anxious to hear how the vegan goldfish crackers turn out.