Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ok, I'm feeling better now..

I was just feeling down and sorry for myself a few minutes ago. I am not going to do WW and I have a list of reasons why.

1. I am not doing this just to lose weight, I am doing it for a healthy lifestyle.
2. WW focuses more on calories than on eating more whole foods. IE, for the Core plan, FF milk
yogurt and cheese are recommended. I personally prefer light or whole because they have
less fillers. It also seems that the lower calorie foods are more processed. Since I am trying
to get away from processed foods, my foods may be higher calories, but healthier. On Flex, I
dislike that fruits and veggies count as points. I know they have calories too, but I didn't get
fat b/c I overdid it on the fruits and veggies.
3. What I don't like about the Core plan is no bread and rice & pasta can only be once a day. I
can understand about the bread b/c it has sweeteners and other stuff in it. Still, I think
whole wheat bread with simpler ingredients is good for you. I sweeten mine with honey instead of sugar. Also brown rice is good for you. Why limit to one meal a day? Not that I usually have brown rice twice a day, but if I want to, I will.

So, those are my reasons for not following WW exactly. I want to be focused on healthy living with more whole foods and less processed ones. TBH, I am hungry quite a bit when following the WW plan. I think it's b/c of the reasons listed above.

I will continue my journey, one day at a time.

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