Sunday, September 2, 2007


Goodness, yesterday was not a good day, health or domestic wise. Though it was a fun shopping day.

I started the day off right with home-made granola and a banana. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. Ryan did not have breakfast before we left to hit a yard sale. So, it was drive-thru McD's. I had his hash browns. Then I had Checker's drive-thru for lunch. And we had pizza for dinner. Nary a fruit or veggie in sight. It was a fattening, unhealthy day. I didn't even take the dog on a long walk. These are the kind of days I'm trying not to have anymore. The good thing is they are getting farther and farther apart.

Domestically, I only did dishes last night. Ran the dishwasher and hand-washed the rest. The garbage really needs to go out and it will today.

Shopping wise, we got some good deals. At the yard sale, we bought E a train table and myself a vintage sewing machine. We had been wanting both for a while. E loves his train table, that's for sure! My machine came in a table that doesn't look so hot, but the machine is nice. I'll have to look up what year it is. The brand is not Brother, though the engine says it's a Brother engine, so I'm assuming Brother actually made the machine. I like Brother's. I have 2 others, though I'll be selling one shortly. I went to 6 thrift stores yesterday looking for a bread machine. I finally found an Oster that makes 2 lbs loaves and is in excellent condition. As soon as I'm done updating, I'll be starting my first loaf in it. My other finds include books for E, Thomas sandals for E, a train for E (that he loves), 2 shirts for Ryan, an older Alice in Wonderland thermos for myself and some Tupperware containers for my flour/sugar. Yep, it was a good thrift store day.

Today will be better eating wise. Domestically, I'll be cooking dinner and washing dishes. We are also going to finish getting the sewing room and E's room set up.

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KnitsAnd said...

you go girl! I was just about to ask you if you are making your bread on a bread machine or the old-fashioned way :)